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A major contributing factor when it comes to harmonizing the health of our brains, bellies, and bodies, is our living environment. Our senses, skin, and lungs are constantly absorbing our surroundings. Consciously consuming products, home goods, cleaning supplies, clothing, and food is vital to the health of the environment as a whole and to our health as individuals. 

Once upon a time we used to trade. We developed relationships with one another and knew who was making/growing everything and where everything we used was coming from. Today, things don't quite work the same way, but if we put in the time and effort seeking out the people, artisans, farmers, products, and businesses that resonate, we can support what we believe in while procuring what we want and need.


Here you can explore some of the treasures I have come across. If you have something to share or offer please feel free to contact me here. I am always looking to expand my awareness and community, and strive to continue promoting and supporting products and people that are of high quality, integrity, sustainable, and conscious. 

food, supplements & herbs

Foods Alive

My go-to for raw, cold pressed chia & hemp oil

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blue Mountain


Organic, sprouted, raw seed and nut butters, bulk super foods, cold pressed oils, and more!

Dutch meadows ORganic Farm

Can't find a raw dairy farm or the raw dairy products you desire near you? Dutch Meadows ships all over the US. 

sweet essentials

Delightful edible grade floral waters! Rose and Orange Blossom are my favorites!

blue lotus chai

I love to make my own chai from scratch, however the Rooibos Chai from here is delicious, caffeine free, and instant. Great for traveling and for people on the go!


Delicious cold pressed avocado oil


Ozone oils are great as natural deodorant, tooth paste, and topical used for scars, rashes and wounds

rainshadow labs

Highest quality essential oils, bath salts, and skin care I have ever encountered.

mountain rose herbs

High quality all-things-herbs! 

TAO of TEa

I am a major Tulsi tea fan because of its incredible adaptogenic health benefits. Tao of Tea Vana Tulsi is my absolute favorite!

heritage store

My absolute favorite tooth powder. I love tooth powder because it's easy to travel with. This one is packed with probiotics and charcoal! My teeth feel incredible after use!

herb pharm

Beautiful farm practices, my go-to for herbal tinctures!

Moon Valley

I am a major fan of this fabulous organic herb farm and their foaming hand soap. They are on a mission to supply incredible products and protect pollinating wildlife. 


Biodynamic Organic hair and skin products from in Bologna, Italy. These products smell incredible, work fabulously, and bridge beautiful farming techniques with beauty.  


My favorite source for homeopathy. 

ELMore Mountain Farm

This goats milk soap made in Vermont is my go-to body wash. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and clean.

adornments, house & home

soul studio

Women-run natural plant dye, zero waste textiles. Sleep on silk pillowcases  dyed with flowers. Great for skin, hair, and overall health 

maven collective

The most beautifully curated vintage home wares!

magic linen

OEK TEX linen bedding and adornments that are handmade by a family owned business in Lithuania.

jaipur handloom

My favorite place to source kantha throws. The prices incredible, and the vintage, hand made  pieces are made out of recycled saris. When purchasing these textiles you are directly supporting artisans and women in Bangladesh that used to be abused.

mate the label

Organic Cotton conscious and comfortable clothing. Supports the earth and your body!

berkey filters

Incredibly efficient, portalble and powerful water filter 

morey hill farm

I am a fan of using dried flowers to bring decoration and nature into my house. This local farm in Vermont takes it to a whole new level and ships country wide!


Organic mattresses toppers, pads, pillows, and bedding 


Stunning collective with beautiful homewares made up of artisans from Portland, OR

echoview fiber mill

Incredible eco friendly and sustainable wool home products. I love the wool sponge and drying mat!

blue pepper farm

Ethically sourced, organically and locally tanned sheepskins

East perry

Ethically sourced, traditionally and sustainably tanned sheepskins and animal skins

Manitobah mukluks

I am a major fan of this fabulous Indigenous-owned company. The craftsmanship and thought that goes into these products blew me away.  My feet and my heart have never been so happy.


'Made in France since 1945.' This glassware is reasonably priced, durable, and has stood the test of time. 

aporta Shop

Family owned. I love what has been curated here. 

late sunday afternoon

The most kind and generous customer care. I love to tie my hair into braids with the small ascots. I deeply appreciate the intention and integrity of this company.


A long time favorite. I love the technology of these shoes because they give my feet space and allow for me to use every muscle in my feet to keep my alignment good & the muscles in my legs and feet strong. 


The small business is based in Colorado and has been producing beautiful and conscious beeswax candles since 1991. I am a tea light lover and these are my favorites!

ardent goods

Sustainable and responsibly sourced home wares and wellness essentials.

infinity firenze

Since I stumbled across this gem in 2010, I have been head over heels for this family owned, apprenticeship style operation. These artisan made leather goods are specially sourced and last forever. The care and quality are unmatched. 

The Hat House

Ken makes the most beautiful custom hats and also has a variety of other types of hates to choose from. He is a true artisan and in my opinion his work and service are unmatched. 

Il Papiro

Artisan Journals, stationary and cards handmade in the Tuscan tradition. By far my favorite and most beautiful  journals.

TEia Atelier

My favorite place to get small rugs or bath mats. They are eco friendly and use raw materials discarded from the industry. They are traditional hand loomed beautiful pieces. 

gjusta goods

I am a major fan of the divine smelling Copal Resin incense sourced from Mexico City, Mexico. 


Check out Brain Belly Body's sister site! Wear your self-care with jewelry that you can use as an acupressure tool. Consciously sourced, handmade with recycled metals in Vermont.

1 Urban Monk

Organic, locally sourced products and wearables. Conscious consuming at its finest! 


Fabulous, luminous organic oils and products crafted and created by Osi Mizrahi.

Horn of the Moon Apothecary

Coming Soon.