nutritional support 
receive support, resources, recipes, and customized strategies for optimizing your digestive health. combining eastern philosophies, western wisdom, & your ancestry, we will develop a practical and sustainable approach to diet that manages inflammation, and supports hormonal balance and nervous system health. 
initial session 75 mins $225        follow up sessions 60 mins $150      10 sessions $1225
chronic pain & illness support
living with chronic pain or illness can be isolating, challenging, and stressful. navigating a path towards resolution is unique for everyone. receive inflammation & stress management tools, emotional support, & solution-based strategies to find a path through the pain. 
initial session 75 mins $225        follow up sessions 60 mins $150      10 sessions $1225
transition support
there are times in life where we find ourselves sitting in the in-between. a relationship ends, a loved one passes, a job is lost, a career pivots, a marriage begins or finds completion, a child is born, a health crisis occurs, a departure from a community or group takes place, and so on. during transitions, we can find ourselves vulnerable, stressed, stuck, and unsure as we face the unknown. receive support, safety, and tools to assist you as you work through what arises for you during times of transition. 
initial session 75 mins $225        follow up sessions 60 mins $150      10 sessions $1225
relationship support
receive support and resources to optimize how you relate to others in your life. whether you are navigating dynamics in your personal or professional life, relationships are important and can present challenges. how we work with what comes up for us when we relate to others can be transformative. learning how to uphold healthy boundaries & co-exist with others, allows for us to feel safe and create deeper, healthier connections.
initial session 75 mins $225        follow up sessions 60 mins $150      10 sessions $1225
30 day lifestyle reset + 1:1 support
receive one on one support while following the 30 Day Lifestyle Reset program. if you want to engage in the Reset program but would like to have individualized support along the way, you can receive two 30 minute consultations during your reset. the program details can be found here
program +  2 support sessions $225
metabolic body type (dosha) assessment 
in this 10 minute consultation you will receive an assessment of your metabolic body type which in Ayurveda is often referred to as your dosha. you will get an assessment of your innate nature and any apparent current imbalances. 
10 mins $25

"Katie Grossman looked at my body and was able to tell me exactly what it has been like living with my particular and peculiar brand of suffering for a lifetime. I watched as my inflammation receded week after week, using her protocol. And I suggest to all of my own clients that they take a consult with her. Not only does she have encyclopedic knowledge of body types, food and and Ayurvedic Warrior wisdom and practices, she is also one of the most generous practitioners I have ever met. Katie brings growth and healing."    - Leah S. 

"Katie has completely changed the way I look at food, lifestyle, health, and wellbeing. She is the only person I have worked with who truly recognizes that change is a constant and that everybody has a different and unique body. She has deep knowledge and expertise around all different body types and their needs and has worked with thousands of different clients and body types. This was evident in my first session with her when she was able to tell me about my unique body type in a way no other professional has ever been able to. I was in awe-everything she said was so spot on. I have anxiety, skin, and digestive issues and I am a marketing executive who is constantly traveling for work, working late hours, and no one week looks the same. It was really hard for me to keep a routine when work was demanding before I met Katie-- I always fell off the proverbial wagon and neglected my health because I looked at food, health, and wellness in black and white. But there's no wagon with Katie because she recognizes that change is a constant and she helps you recognize it too. She tailors super simple tools, tips, and strategies that are easy to incorporate into my daily life and build upon, no matter what the day looks like or where I am in the world. She is incredibly skilled at helping me recognize patterns in my behavior and routine so that I can learn from them and develop trust for my intuition. She has slowly built me into someone who is able to recognize what routine I need or what I need to do in different spaces and places for my health so that I am never compromising no matter how busy I get. That has changed everything for me and has resolved so many issues I used to have. I can't imagine a world where Katie wasn't my health and wellness consultant and I am so grateful she is.”    - Eve P.

"Katie changed my perspective on food and wellness. Her passion, expertise, and grace when it comes to holistic healing is unique. She intrinsically understands how each body is different and knows what each individual needs to support their whole system. She dropped in instantly to give me information about my personal body and tools to support my healing. I had PTSD when I met Katie and my nervous system was in complete overdrive. Her healing touch paired with her recommendations about diet and lifestyle transformed me. She could tell what I needed just by looking at me. Her diet recommendations greatly improved my gut health, digestion and my overall nervous system health. Her knowledge of food and healing is vast - there isn’t a question that she can’t answer. She is gifted at healing the body through food and healing touch. After I receive Marma acupressure treatments I feel completely reset. Her knowledge and experience of her own body and healing is invaluable and she shares everything that she has learned along her path to help others on their healing journey. This lends to her gentle and refined approach to healing, she is the real deal. I walk around knowing that I will continue to have good health because I have her in my back pocket. Whenever I have a challenge or one my kids gets sick, she is always there to support me with information and remedies. She changed my life.”   - Lisa S.

"The world of Ayurveda was so new to me; learning about my correct dosha and how to incorporate foods that my body would thrive on. I received a very thorough program to follow and Katie was very encouraging as I learned to navigate shopping and preparing foods. She was able to help  turn my tendency to that of overwhelm, to excitement as I began my first weeks on the program. I see food in a whole new light. The customized program helped me to achieve more balance and harmony in my mind and body. Eating seasonal foods and utilizing the sipping drinks in between meals has helped stabilize my blood sugar and have sustained energy throughout my day. Gone are the days of afternoon dips and mindless, ravenous eating to keep going!"    - Ruthie S.

"In a wellness world filled with fads and talking points, working with Katie has been a breath of fresh air and completely transformed my concept of what self care even is. She brings her years of experience and embodied approach to healing and gently takes you to your deepest roots, uncovering the subtle links between spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical imbalances, and offering a breadth of simple lifestyle adjustments and support recommendations to restore equanimity on multidimensional levels. Her understanding of the finer nuances of metabolic body types and the nervous system is unmatched, which has led her to know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to health. Because of this, her approach to tailoring guidance unique for each client is invaluable. Before I met Katie, I was struggling with severe headaches and eye pain that had come on very suddenly and had been lasting nonstop for weeks. I went to several Western doctors but they were mystified and unable to help me. But after receiving a session from Katie, she intuited that I was dealing with neuroinflammation. She gave me simple advice to help me reduce the inflammation that actually worked, and referred me to a cranio sacral therapist she knew who was able to treat the source of my pain directly. I know for a fact if I hadn’t met Katie I would likely still be dealing with this severe pain today. Aside from the depth of her knowledge and wisdom of her lived experiences that she brings into her work, Katie has a way about her that makes you feel seen, heard, and taken care of while in her container. Her heart is one of the biggest I have met on my path, as she is truly here to be of the highest service and aspires to consistently refine herself to better help her clients. I feel blessed and honored to know Katie, and I give her my highest recommendation to anyone who is ready to take their health into their own hands and live in a more holistic, sustainable, and balanced way."

- Erin S.