when every part of us is welcome, we can become whole

an invitation to self-connection

The brain, belly, & body are interested in one thing: homeostasis. However, life has a way of creating circumstances that disrupt homeostasis, requiring us to adapt, grow, & evolve. Ancient warriors discovered self-care technologies that maintained the health of their brains, bellies, & bodies while allowing them to meet the challenges of life with grace & evolve in harmony with nature. Now I want to share the ways of the ancient warriors with you. 


These warriors understood that every rupture we experience seeks repair. Some ruptures are inherited from our ancestors, some we experience firsthand. When these ruptures don't find a natural resolution we become fragmented, living in a state of disconnect, feeling isolated & alone. This creates a dissonant environment internally & externally. This can lead to self-destruction, often as a means of self-protection. This is our inner war.

To repair a rupture we require a safe container, an accepting & supportive presence, and appropriate tools or practices accompanied with directions for how, when, & why to use them. When we receive the experience of repair we are actively inviting all of the lonely, fragmented parts of ourselves home. This often leads to self-connection, self-construction, & embodiment (feeling safe enough to presently occupy your body)This is our inner harmony. 

From this place of inner alignment we can rebalance our relationship to the external world, share reparative experiences with others, & live in resonance with our environment. 

for your brain

holistic coaching

whether you are experiencing a life transition, coping with loss or change, managing health, chronic pain or illness, or navigating relationships, a safe container can support you through blockages, stagnation, & challenges to find resolution. receive insights, resources, strategies, & practical tools to harmonize your experience.
60 mins $200      10 sessions $1750
for your belly

nutritional guidance

combining eastern philosophies, western wisdom, & your ancestry, we will develop a practical & sustainable approach to diet that manages inflammation, invites hormonal balance, & supports nervous system health. receive support, resources, recipes, and customized strategies for optimizing your digestive health.
initial consult 75 mins $250        follow up 60 mins $200        10 sessions $1750

metabolic body type (dosha) assessment

when we understand our nature & assess our current state of our health, we can more efficiently attend to the roots of our disharmony. in this consultation you will receive an assessment of your metabolic body type which in Ayurveda is often referred to as your dosha. you will receive an assessment of your innate nature & any apparent current imbalances. *this service is included in the nutritional guidance consultation 
15 mins $50
for your body

embodiment support

practicing embodiment can anchor us in the present moment & optimize our capacity to process feelings & emotions. during the embodiment support session, your body is the expert guide. using our awareness we will journey into the body to become familiar with it's unique language & learn how to better listen to what it is expressing. you will receive a customized affirmation & pressure point pairing after your session to unlock your body's wisdom & restore harmony. 
60 mins $200     10 sessions $1750

marma treatments

receive a warrior marma acupressure treatment. Marma is an Indian acupressure modality that is similar to reflexology. a Marma treatment can guide the brain, belly, & body to return to homeostasis by rebooting and recalibrating the nervous system. this is the only service that is performed in person. for more information inquire below.
60 mins $200     5 sessions $875
for your brain, belly, & body

harmonic health support

receive a combination of holistic coaching, nutritional guidance, and embodiment support, to harmonize your health. based on your current state of health & your desired goals we will create a customized support program to nourish, nurture & inspire your brain, belly, and body. 
 75 min initial consult +10 (60 min) sessions $1975

"I walk around knowing that I will continue to have good health because I have her in my back pocket."

"In a wellness world filled with fads and talking points, working with Katie has been a breath of fresh air and completely transformed my concept of what self-care even is."

"For the past decade, she has taught me how to listen more intuitively to my nature, and build practices that allow me to live optimally."

"Katie's approach is tailor made to the individual, she helped me understand how to work with my innate nature."

"I watched as my inflammation receded week after week using her protocol."

"she recognizes that change is a constant and she helps you recognize it too."

"Katie Grossman looked at my body and was able to tell me exactly what it has been like living with my particular and peculiar brand of suffering for a lifetime."

"Katie has a way of making you feel seen, heard, and taken care of while in her container."

"She brings her years of experience and embodied approach to healing and gently takes you to your deepest roots, uncovering the subtle links between spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances."