'instrumental attunement'
 initial consultation
During this initial consultation you will receive a foundational understanding of Warrior Ayurvedic principles in context to your metabolic body type. You will receive practical remedies, techniques, and guidance to promote and restore balance to your brain, belly, and body. These practices and principles aided ancient warriors in pain, stress, and inflammation management. 
  75 mins/$225
'stay tuned'
consulting / follow up sessions / mentoring
Whether you want to receive a follow up to your initial consultation, you are a client from the past that wants to check in, refresh, and recommit to your practice, you want to learn and study Ayurveda more deeply, or you want to receive ongoing consulting and support, this is the service for you. We can discuss what you are facing and develop a strategy and customized breath work, lifestyle, movement, and digestive (food) practices to support your process. 
 40 mins/$120   65 mins/$195
'tune in'
guided warrior breath work, self Marma & meditation 
This session aims to promote the  restoration and integration of the brain, belly and body through warrior practices that nourish and reboot the nervous system. Receive a customized guided self care class with yogic breath work, self Marma, and guided meditation to reduce stress, and invite self connection. Receive a video recording of your session to use for reference and practice.
 30 mins/$95   50 mins/$150
'instrument analysis'
body type analysis
Curious or unsure about what your metabolic body type (dosha) is, or forgot what body type you are?
This is a quick and simple service where you will receive confirmation on the nature of your metabolic body type (dosha)
*this service is included in all three of the services below
 10 mins/$30
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