the inner (r)evolution

30 day lifestyle reset 

change begins within

In this reset program we explore sustainable self-care routines that harmonize the brain, belly, & body. The inner (r)evolution Lifestyle Reset is rooted in and inspired by the ancient warrior traditions of India's holistic preventative health system, Ayurveda. Ayurveda is typically translated as 'the science of life and longevity.' Our longevity as humans is determined by our relationship to ourselves, to nature, and to our environment. 


reset & restore

During the 30 Day Lifestyle Reset you will receive:

  • access to food sourcing resources, sample recipes & a guide to seasonal & ancestral eating practices

  • learn & integrate 7 foundational self-care practices to sustain a balanced lifestyle that builds to a holistic lifestyle routine by the completion of the course

  • weekly educational content pertaining to the highlighted self-care practice of the week

  • daily reminders and reflection prompts to support you in maintaining your lifestyle practices

  • email access to course creator & Warrior Ayurveda specialist Katie Grossman

You can begin this reset at any time, during any season, and at any time of year.