Understanding Intox/Detox

The great myth behind INTOXICATION and DETOXIFICATION is that too much of a good thing won’t have a negative effect on us and that lack of that same thing is somehow beneficial. But in truth, the reverse is also true.

Toxins are a natural part of life. All input, news, television, movies, food, “drugs”, medications, and even associations are forms of intoxication and can become negative when over or under used. Ayurveda teaches us that intoxication can have great benefits to an individual when used appropriately, at the right time, place, and circumstance. Over indulgence of that same thing can have an adverse effect on us. Finding a balance is the key to longevity with inputs and associations.

Detoxification is a natural part of the body's digestive function. If given the appropriate amount of rest and nutrition, the body will naturally remove toxins through the excretory systems. Taken to extremes, detoxing can create a vacuum of nutrition so the body is unable to replenish and rejuvenate itself. Removal of toxins should be done slowly so as to not create more stress on the body.

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