The Importance of Sleep: Routine could be the key!

Growing research shows that sleep is incredibly important for proper health. It is also incredibly challenging to get good sleep with the busy and stressful lives we lead. Below is my favorite sleep routine that I practice at home and on the road:

1. Nourishment: I aim for an early dinner that is mostly comprised of raw fat and protein (think keto or paleo), and I stay away from heavy protein like red meat late at night. I actually sleep better when I have a liquid for dinner like a soup because it is easier on digestion and doesn't produce as much inflammation. I tend to keep a raw milk or a milk alternative next to my bedside to keep my belly from disturbing my sleep. I will sip that instead of water if I wake up in the middle of the night and it ensures that my belly wont keep me up for too long.

2. Nerves: Hot Baths with epsom salts, self massage with body oils, and baking soda is my favorite. The baking soda cleanses my energetic field and leaves my skin soft and silky, the epsom salts relieve my muscles and joints, and the self oil massage grounds my nerves and nourishes my skin. If I cant access a bath I like to use a hot water bottle or heating pad (preferably my infrared heating pad ) on hand or I will massage my feet, belly and scalp with some essential oils to promote relaxation and calm my nerves.

3. Nonsense: I am not perfect about doing this all the time, but I sleep better when I do. I write before bed to empty my mind and emotional body of anything that might keep me awake. This could be a list of things that I need to get done the next day, it could be intentions and things I would like to manifest, it could be a poem or song lyrics that are on my mind or allow me to creatively express some unresolved feelings, or just a free write of whats happening or stressing me out.

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