The Anti Inflammatory Secret No One Talks About

Anti Inflammatory foods and lifestyles have been buzzing for the last few years. Inflammation is known for contributing to a host of diseases and imbalances in our overall health. Below is a secret or two about inflammation that seems obvious but isn't spoken about.

Under Eating and Over Eating

We logically know that under and over eating are unhealthy habits but did you know that they contribute to acidity and inflammation in the body?

One of my Ayurvedic teachers in India saw me skipping a meal. I was in India and had lost my appetite for saag (spinach) and spices. He was very upset at me and I didn't understand why. He went forth to explain that skipping a meal would cause the acid in my stomach to burn the lining of my stomach because this acid had no food to eat at its typical meal time. He explained how dangerous under eating was because the acid that digests our food starts digesting our stomach lining and leaching into the body causing an inflammatory response.

Over eating can be equally harmful as it causes the digestive system to produce excess bile and acid to digest more food causing an inflammatory response as well.

Yes the foods we eat are important but digestion itself is inflammatory and that can't be avoided and nor would we want it to be. Inflammation is a necessary aspect of life and digestion. No matter how alkaline a food is, when we digest it the body is experiencing inflammation simply from the act of digestion. Eating certain types of probiotic foods that are easy to digest can reduce digestive inflammation and even then there will be inflammation. So what can we manage when it comes to digestion and ensuring that we produce the least amount of inflammation possible? Food timing. Avoid under and over eating and extremes, as it puts immense pressure on the digestive system.

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