holistic consulting & embodiment support

whether you are experiencing a life transition, coping with loss or change, managing health, chronic pain or illness, or navigating relationships, a safe container can support you through blockages, stagnation, & challenges to find resolution. receive insights, resources, strategies, & practical tools to harmonize your experience.
somatic embodiment work can anchor us in the present moment & optimize our capacity to process feelings & emotions. using our awareness we will journey into the body to become familiar with it's unique language & learn how to better listen to what it is expressing. 
initial consult 75 mins $250        follow up 60 mins $200 

nutritional guidance

combining eastern philosophies, western wisdom, & your ancestry, we will develop a practical & sustainable approach to diet that manages inflammation, invites hormonal balance, & supports nervous system health. receive support, resources, recipes, and customized strategies for optimizing your digestive health.
initial consult 75 mins $250        follow up 60 mins $200 

marma treatments

receive a warrior marma acupressure treatment. Marma is an Indian acupressure modality that is similar to reflexology. a Marma treatment can guide the brain, belly, & body to return to homeostasis by rebooting and recalibrating the nervous system. this is the only service that is performed in person. for more information inquire below.
60 mins $200 

marma + nutritional guidance

receive a marma acupressure treatment and a nutritional guidance session in person. look to the descriptions listed above to learn more. 
 75 min initial consult + 60 min marma treatment $400

harmonic health support

receive a combination of holistic coaching, nutritional guidance, and embodiment support, to harmonize your health. based on your current state of health & your desired goals we will create a customized support program to nourish, nurture & inspire your brain, belly, and body. 
 75 min initial consult +10 (60 min) sessions $1975