find your inner harmony
the body is your instrument, and life is your song

The human body is like a musical instrument. When it is out of tune, we experience dissonance. When it is properly tuned,  everything functions flawlessly, allowing us to create beautiful music. 'Brain Belly Body' provides support, tools, and resources to 'tune your instrument,' deepen your self connection, and ultimately find inner harmony. By balancing your brain, belly, and body, you can unlock, access, and harness the power and gifts of your unique instrument and live in resonance with your true nature. 

  'Instrumental Attunement'   
Initial Consultation: Learn about your metabolic body type and receive tools, practices, and techniques to harmonize your brain, belly, and body 
'Stay Tuned'
Self Care Coaching: Receive ongoing support & tailored food, movement, breathing, and lifestyle practices to maintain health and/or manage stress, pain, and inflammation
'Tune In'
Restore, integrate, & rejuvenate with this guided breath work, self Marma, guided meditation session
self care
sourcing & sanctuary

Consciously consuming products, home goods, cleaning supplies, clothing, and food is vital to the health of the environment as a whole and to our health as individuals. Explore some of the treasures I have come across. Support people, artisans, farmers, products, and small businesses that are of high quality, integrity, sustainable, and conscious, while procuring what you want and need. 

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Check out these free eBook's for recipes and self care practices that nourish and support your brain, belly, and body. Deepen your understanding about the benefits of Liquid Foods and how they can keep you satisfied and satiated while reducing inflammation. If you have a sweet tooth, check out 'Nourishing Sweets' to learn how to make tasty and energizing treats that will keep your brain sharp, your belly happy, and your body blissful! Learn how to ease into a restful sleep, with the 'Evening Routine' guide.

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